Look inside the dark blossomĀ 
Of the black flower of civilized society
Of which Hawthorne wrote so long ago
That's what you'll find me

The vilest seeds of poison deeds
Get planted in prison's lair
And what is sterling in a man
Is what tarnishes there

Guns and guards, they watch the gate
My warden is despair
I'll break down the gate with my burning hate
And get away from here

Where guns fire and blood flows
And bullets fly through the air
Look behind the telescopic sight
And you'll find me there

Where a crack-smoking mom tries to break her vice
Or a hungry newborn baby cries
Look into their beseeching eyes
And you'll find me there

Where a man rises up to fight against tyranny
In a battle to stay free
Look behind the barricade
And that's where you'll find me

Where a man fights and dies
For the world is not fairĀ 
Look into his cold dead eyes
You'll surely find me there.