The teeth of age draw blood
Soul blood
Fermented by years, blue with time

The beauty of youth gone
Hopes and dreams fade into stability and credit ratings
The children within us die as times pass by

And so looms the grave responsibility
Dark, and as yet empty, on the crest of -- tomorrow
Waiting for us to lie down and die
Buried beneath our worries

Our submission destroys the rebel within youth
We grow tired of the beatings
Tired of the loneliness
Tired of the fighting
We always lose

Beaten, brushed, bloody and scarred
We fall
Succumb to the pressure of the herd instinct
Like rabble we scrabble
And lose the screams as we quietly sink into the tomb of maturity

Only then do the teeth of age stop snapping
Nipping at our heels
Only when the rebel within us dies do the teeth of age
Begin to chew