Beneath the neon glow  
In the decadence below
The heartbeat of the night 
Makes corruption right

It's OK to be imperfect
We all have our flaws
It's the anger and the self-abuse
That shreds us with their claws

The predators keep stalking
That's how it's always been
Their victims are of the circumstance
Circumstance and Chance are kin

It's the city in the night time
The refuse thrown from passing dreams
And those who've died inside reside
Beneath the neon screams

Perversion is just a way of life
A way to pay the bills
A way to escape the strife of life 
Is to take some pills

She's just another prostitute
An angel in a mini skirt
Some schoolboy's fallen cherished dream
Drowning in her hurt

He's a twenty-something stoner
Who's always been a loner
A post teenage junky
An ex-carwash flunky

They are a match not struck in heaven
Just like the match beneath the spoon
Go straight to euphoria
Do not pass Go, do not collect $200
From freedom of the mind
I don't think
Therefore I am not – Descartes?