I was in prison and you came to me,
let patience have her perfect work.

maybe you're all i need
to comfort me when the nightmares come
like a devil caught up in maelstrom
i'm a dust devil in the wind. . .
you're my driving force
are you my gale force sin?

i'll find my answers, but only when
i'm in your arms, wrapped so tight
when i come unraveled in the night
when i need to run and cannot hide
when i find you there whenever i -- 
whenever i scream 
because of you 

you're my only virtue
and me, i've never before has one
your my one, i'm your only
you're with me when i get lonely
you're the beauty, i'm the beast
you hold me up when in fall at least
and listen whenever i scream
because of you -- 
but it's all my fault

what is there left to say
when darkness steals the day
and the world within me?  

i'll be your rebel
you're my serenity
i'll show you freedom
just show me peace

my darling patience
i'm all yours
til death do us part
a chain link wedding ring
forged on the anvil of time
by the hammer of circumstance

let me hold you tight, my dear,
through all these years.